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Engine Oil GM - Opel SAE 5W30 Dexos 2 Full Synthetic 205Lt

CODE: 1942006

Price: 659.93

(818.31 inc tax)

Engine Oil GM - Opel SAE 5W30 Dexos 2 Full Synthetic 205Lt

The New Eco-Oil High Performance Opel.With low sulfur, ash and phosphorus, the engine oil GM 5W-30 dexos2 made from an advanced blend of oils monograde high performance and leading technology additives, which are fully compatible with the latest Particulate Filters Diesel (DPF) and catalysts Gasoline (CAT).The 5W-30 dexos2 is designed to provide exemplary net power, durability and overall protection of the engine combined with improved fuel economy. Advantages of 5W-30 dexos2: offers exemplary wear resistance and long replacement intervals. Improved engine cleaning and protection of creating sludge and harmful deposits because of the additional advanced disinfection / dispersion.Extends the life and maintain the performance of emission reduction systems (DPF and CAT) in gasoline and diesel models, due to low sulfur, ash and phosphorous (SAP - Sulphur, Ash and Phosphorous). It offers major benefits in fuel economy. Excellent performance at high and low temperatures.

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